Kingfisher Lodge

A Luxury Lodge providing a unique experience within the amazing mangroves of Kalba

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An Eco Lodge which optimizes the visitor's experience of the mangroves and respects the environment with a very low environmental footprint.

The Kingfisher Lodge will house 25 luxury tents with a private swimming pool for each tent, the accommodation is designed to provide guests with comfort, privacy and amazing views overlooking the Indian Ocean and a forest of mangrove (Qurm) trees surrounding the lodge.

With an ambience of luxury and convenience, the Kingfisher Lodge will include an outdoor yoga and wellness centre and a range of public facilities, including an information desk, a reception lounge, restaurants and outdoor recreational areas.

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Project Key Features:

  1. 25 luxury tents with plunge pool
  2. Male/Female Spa
  3. Reflective Pool
  4. Public Areas including:
    • Reception & Reception Lounge
    • Dining
    • Exterior Entertainment Areas
  5. Exterior Entertainment Areas

Twenty five modern tents with private pools set against stunning natural backdrop

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