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The Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project holds tremendous potential as a tourism destination because of its natural beauty, its diversity of wildlife, and the archaeological discoveries that make it worthy of its tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The project will feature two resorts and a boutique hotel as well as restaurants and cafés. In addition to preserving the significant archeological areas, native wildlife species such as the Arabian Oryx, Reem Gazelle, Al Damani Gazelle and Ostrich will also be protected, adding another important dimension of tourism to Mleiha’s overall appeal. A collaboration between Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), the Sharjah Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) and the Sharjah Directorate of Antiquities, the Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project is a sustainable development that will help protect the area’s ecological and archaeological sites and share them with tourists and future generations.

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Embark on a journey back through time and experience the history of traditional Emirati life. Discover the treasures of Mleiha.

List of Key Features for the Project:

  1. Mleiha Archeological Centre
  2. Al Ghaf Resort
  3. Jabal Boutique Hotel
  4. Restaurants and cafés
  5. Archeological sites
  6. Nature safaris
  7. Promenade


Mleiha factsheet

Investment in the project is expected to reach approximately 250 million AED.

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Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project has been nominated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, reflecting the rich archaeological and cultural heritage of the area, and attracting more visitors and investors.

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