Facilitating the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of Sharjah.

We work with a variety of partners to help realise Sharjah’s full potential and plan projects that take advantage of the Emirate’s geographic location and natural beauty.

What’s driving our success?

Sharjah GDP evolution (Billion AED)

Strong CAGR in U.A.E. GDP (2011‑2012)


Transport & Logistics market potential (Billion AED)

U.A.E. economic growth (2003‑2013)


Sharjah’s contribution to U.A.E.’s manufacturing sector (2009)

GDP distribution by sector (2012)

Increase in U.A.E. GDP per capita (2005‑2012)


Hotel average revenue in Million AED (2012)

Upcoming passenger demand (2012‑2016)


Travel & Leisure market potential (Billion AED)

Room nights in Sharjah’s hotels by category (2011)

Projected hotel guest growth rate (per annum)


Undertaking economically and environmentally sustainable developments.

Focusing on mixed-use developments, we strive to create destinations with a modern, world-class experience that keep Sharjah’s Arab and Islamic identity intact.