Heart of Sharjah Discovery Centre

The Emirates’s largest restoration project combines modern elegance and cultural heritage.

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The Heart of Sharjah is a cultural heritage site that is being restored to reflect what Sharjah was like in the 1950s. Although the project is not scheduled for completion until 2025, the first of five phases is already underway and the site is already generating revenue and attracting thousands of visitors annually. With over 45,000 visitors before the site has even launched, Heart of Sharjah is expected to become a main attraction in the near future.

Situated just five minutes from the city’s corniche and 10 minutes from the Sharjah International Airport, The Heart of Sharjah will feature diverse commercial, cultural and residential projects, including a boutique hotel, restaurants, retail shops, art galleries, traditional and contemporary markets, archaeological sites, museums, play areas and commercial offices. Many of these will be housed in renovated old or ancient houses, weaving Sharjah’s modern life with its history, as well as safeguarding its national historical character.

Shurooq expects the number of visitors to Heart of Sharjah to increase dramatically in the coming years as public awareness of the project spreads and other components are completed, adding to the development’s overall appeal. When finished, Heart of Sharjah will become an ideal combination of elegance and cultural heritage.

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Candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site

35,000 m2

Cultural District


45,600 Pre-launch Footfalls


Prominent Features:

  • Boutique Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Markets – Modern & Traditional
  • Historical Buildings
  • Archaeological Sites
  • Children Play Areas
  • Visitors Centre
  • Restaurants & Cafés

Land-use Breakdown:

  • 37.9% – Hospitality & Entertainment
  • 19.5% – Mixed Use Entreprises
  • 18.4% – Cultural
  • 9.3% – Residential
  • 7.6% – Commercial
  • 7.3% – Community

Under Development


Final Restoration Phase: 2025

Reinvigorating the Heart Of Sharjah into the cultural, entertainment and social focal point of the emirate.

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