Al Bait Hotel

A boutique hotel integrated harmoniously into a recently restored cultural heritage site.

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Al Bait Hotel will be comprised of renovated, regenerated and new buildings harmoniously integrated into a cohesive heritage experience.

The Hotel will maximise both the heritage and hospitality angles of the development by creating a unique relaxing guest experience within the Heart of Sharjah historic precinct to enable the guest to feel part of the recreated urban environment and local culture, yet removed enough to be able to withdraw into the private luxury of an inner city retreat.


Al Bait Hotel Keys


Scheduled for completion in 2018, Al Bait Hotel is comprised of five historical buildings that are being redeveloped into a 5-star boutique hotel within the Heart of Sharjah.

The design and architecture of Al Bait Hotel reflect a traditional Arab aesthetic with the finer touches

of luxury. The project aims to capture the warmth of Emirati hospitality as well as to deliver a unique

cultural experience. The hotel has a capacity of 53 rooms with associated public and service facilities.

It will integrate into the existing historical urban fabric and will re-create, where feasible, the urban

character of the village that existed in the 1950’s.

Al Bait Hotel will create a unique, relaxing guest experience within the Heart of Sharjah historic

precinct. The hotel will enable guests to experience the re-created urban environment and local culture,

within the private luxury of an inner-city retreat.

Al Bait Hotel

Masterplan Elements:

  1. Business Centre, Museum & Library
  2. Reception, Lounge & Retail
  3. Café
  4. Al Fiker Square
  5. Restaurant – Arabic
  6. Guest Room
  7. Male Spa
  8. Female Spa
  9. Restaurant – All Day Dining
  10. Back of House
  11. Utilities

Hotel Features:


  • 45 guest rooms
  • 8 suites
  • Business Centre
  • 4 F&B outlets
  • Male and Female Spa
  • State of the art gym
  • Library

Under Development


Estimated Completion: 2018

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