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Shurooq to set up environmentally-friendly facilities and play rides for children with special needs

January 18, 2012

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) is planning to set up environmentally-friendly facilities, as well as some play rides carefully chosen for children with special needs, within the Al Majaz Waterfront project.
According to H.E. Marwan Bin Jassim Al Sarkal, CEO of (Shurooq) this forms part of Shurooq's vision to develop high-quality projects that will enhance Sharjah's reputation as a distinguished tourist and investment destination. He Said: "In order to address environmental challenges, protect our natural environment and improve environmental practices, Shurooq, in cooperation with Bee'ah - The Sharjah Environment Company, is currently embarking on a host of eco-friendly projects and events at Al Majaz Waterfront." Al Sarkal pointed out that environmentally-friendly plants were used at the Al Majaz Waterfront project, and that the project's LED lighting system will help conserve 93 percent of the power consumed by traditional lighting. Shurooq also used recycled materials to construct the running track and other play areas. He added that Shurooq has designed play areas to suit all children, including those with special needs, so as to enable them to play freely with their peers. He highlighted that Al Majaz Waterfront will host sport and entertainment amenities, which will add to the project's reputation as a top tourist destination in Sharjah. Amenities include a running track, a mini golf course - the first of its kind in the emirate - as well as areas designated for cycling. Al Majaz Waterfront will further house a series of international restaurants and cafes with exquisite views overlooking the Khalid Lagoon and the Musical Fountain. In addition, the project will offer open areas designated specifically for children, areas set aside for cultural and entertainment activities, a magnificent mosque with a modern Islamic architectural design, a sculpture garden, an arts area for children, a musical fountain, public amenities, parking for 1,000 vehicles, and sidewalks.
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