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Shurooq to host first Sharjah-French Round-Table

May 28, 2012

Shurooq and French Business Council to explore mutually beneficial opportunities
Taking place at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry,the Round-Table will be gathering representatives from more than twenty major French companies as well as a further twenty representatives from the Sharjah government and various leading Sharjah based businesses, with the aim of bringing The Authority and business community closer to the French Business community and creating synergies and opportunities of mutual benefit for both communities. During this first installment of the Round-Table, Sharjah stakeholders and prominent members of the French Business Community will be discussing a number of topics in line with the Emirates development strategy including logistics, alternative energy sources and environmental issues, travel and tourism, as well as the healthcare sector. H.E. Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, CEO of Sharajah Investement and Development Authority (Shurooq), remarked, "We are very pleased to be able to implement yet another initiative in line with our vision of enhancing Sharjah's position as a leading tourism and investment destination. This Round-Table provides an invaluable chance for us to link prospective investors with worthy investment opportunities in Sharjah." FBC has been actively working on strengthening its relationships with the various northern Emirates and the Sharjah-French Round-Table follows the Fujairah-French Conference, which was held in September 2011. The Sharjah-French Round-Table will focus on creating even closer ties between Sharjah and the FBC, especially within the framework of the emirate's progressive economic plan and vision. It is the aim of both parties to work closely on common synergies to develop specific sectors as economic pools and to benefit from mutual expertise. Claude Valle, President of French Business Council commented, "The discussion creates a highly relevant and effective environment in which to exchange ideas and open up avenues of discussion between industry stakeholders and experts. It is also an excellent vehicle through which to encourage a mutually beneficial interchange of information to foster the development of best practices in and amongst the applicable industries." Established in 2009, Shurooq aims to achieve social, cultural, environmental and economic development on the basis of Sharjah's distinct Arab and Islamic identity, and to encourage investment by adopting the best international standards in providing quality services that help attract investors from the region and the world. The Authority's main mission is to provide the necessary facilities and incentives, to overcome obstacles facing investment activities in the Emirate, to evaluate development-related infrastructure projects, and to lay down the necessary plans and groundwork to complete such projects.
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