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Shurooq, Directorate of Public Works announce completion of construction work on road surrounding Al Majaz Waterfront

September 13, 2010

Shurooq, the party in charge of supervising the Al Majaz Waterfront development project in the emirate of Sharjah, has announced the completion of construction work on the semi-circular road surrounding Al Majaz Waterfront and the opening of the road to traffic.
The smooth flow of traffic and lack of obstruction was noticeable to road users, despite the large number of vehicles that used the road during the recent public celebration of Eid Al Fitr as many families flocked to the area to enjoy time at Khalid Lagoon. Shurooq CEO H.E. Marwan Jassim Al Sarkal said, "Al Majaz Waterfront road is one of the most important roads in the UAE, as it forms a link to one of the country's public festival areas and is also the central road connecting many of Sharjah's cities. Construction on this road was therefore given priority in the agenda when the master plan of the waterfront development was being developed". "The Directorate of Public Works in Sharjah has worked to keep the road open for traffic despite the huge development works, and has been able to complete the semi-circular road surrounding the park on time, ensuring that the new road was ready before the existing one was closed and removing fears of ongoing heavy congestion. I would like to take this opportunity to assure residents that Shurooq is progressing well with this project, and is on track to complete it on time and to the highest standards. The aim of the Al Majaz Park project is to further elevate the landscape and architecture of the picturesque park to amongst the most exciting tourist attraction not only in the emirate, but also in the GCC and the entire region," Al Sarkal added. Shurooq, in cooperation with Sharjah's Directorate of Public Works, awarded the road construction contract of the Dh100 million Al Majaz Waterfront development project to Sharjah General Contracting Company and the road engineering works to WSP Middle East. Shurooq is supervising the coordination between all concerned parties and is following up the completion phases.
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