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Shurooq boosts public awareness about religion and everyday life practices

July 15, 2013

Scholars and preachers continue to deliver lectures as part of Eiman Oasis
Running until July 23rd 2013 (14th of Ramadan); the lectures will be delivered by an elite group of renowned scholars and preachers who will discuss several topics ranging from religious, educational and humanitarian aspects of society. Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Qader Al Kamali delivered a lecture titled "Attributes of Sunni Muslims" on 6 Ramadan, at Al Salaf Al Saleh Mosque, Sharjah. The lecture deals with properties and characteristics of following the Holy Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah, which further reflected on their crucial roles in realising the true meanings of justice, tolerance and solidarity among Muslims to ensure stability and security in the society; thus enhancing social development and prosperity on a mass level. In Khorfakkan, Sheikh Awad bin Sabti Al Enzi delivered a lecture titled "Thanking for Grace" on 6 Ramadan, at Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque. He highlighted the meaning of grace and its importance in man's life and ways to preserve it, illustrating Islam as the greatest its example. Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, Chief Operating Officer of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), said: "This is the second week of Eiman Oasis lectures, where scholars and preachers play a major role in increasing the number of visitors from all emirates and broadening their vision with topics discussed. Organising such events comes in line with Shurooq's corporate social responsibility and commitment to raising public awareness and developing people's everyday life skills. We strive at providing them with a chance to enjoy a deeply spiritual atmosphere during this month." As part of the Eiman Oasis programme, Sheikh Awad bin Sabti Al Enzi will give a lecture Today titled "Compassion and Its Impact in the Life of a Muslim", at Ammar bin Yasser Mosque in Al Dhaid, Last week, Al Salaf Al Saleh Mosque in Sharjah hosted several sermons and lectures as part of Eiman Oasis, including a lecture titled "Keys of Quran" by Sheikh Dr Aziz bin Farhan Al Enzi ; a lecture titled "Race to the Day of Judgment" by Sheikh Dr Saleh bin Abdul Karim Al Baloushi; while Sheikh Dr Saoud Al Malouh delivered a sermon titled "How to hold enthusiasm ", and Sheikh Dr Awad bin Sabti Al Enzi gave an address on "Piety and its Impacts in the Life of a Muslim". Meanwhile, Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque in Khorfakkan hosted a lecture titled "You May Have Faith" by Sheikh Prof Dr Mohammed Ghaith bin Ghaith, as well as organised a speech by Sheikh Dr Salem bin Mohammed Al Doubi titled "The Friend"; while Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Hamadi delivered a lecture titled "Biography of Imam Al Bukhari", and Sheikh Dr Mohammed bin Hisham Al Tahiri gave a lecture titled "We and Ibn Omar". In Al Dhaid, Sheikh Dr Mohammed bin Hisham Al Tahiri gave an address titled "Polytheism and its Types" and Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Qader Al Kamali delivered a sermon titled "Be Gentle with Womenfolk".
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