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Al Majaz Waterfront to offer a Splash Park zero-depth aquatic play area

October 18, 2011

Al Sarkal: Splash Park is a safe and refreshing recreational water play system for children and their families
The 800-square metre Splash park will be a fully automated, zero-depth aquatic play area suitable for the entire family, from toddlers through to adults, as well as for children with special needs. The state-of-the-art technology will optimise water consumption through sequenced activation and low-flow nozzle technology. Speaking of the innovative system, Shurooq CEO H.E Marwan Bin Jassim Al Sarkal said, "The Splash Park facility that will be opening at the Al Majaz Waterfront by the end of the year is a unique concept - a safe and refreshing recreational water play system for children up to 12 years. What makes this system different is that there is no standing water, so there are fewer safety risks involved. This also makes it possible for handicapped children to make use of the facility with their wheelchairs and play with others like no other play facility." "Splash Park offers a variety of spray strengths and features to entertain and amuse everyone. For toddlers, there are soft ground sprays and low features, while older children can play under the water curtain of the Aquadome, chase their friends through water tunnels and jets, or target others with water cannons and team sprays," Al Sarkal added. Al Majaz waterfront in addition to its beauty, creativity and development adds a safe and refreshing recreational water play system where children of all ages can cool off and have a blast in fountain-like water spray. The AED100 million Al Majaz Waterfront which is spread over an area of 231,000 square feet, is the fruit of Shurooq's work to encourage investment and tourism in the emirate of Sharjah, and is being carried out with the aim of constructing a grand leisure park that complies with international standards, in cooperation with Sharjah government departments and establishments, as well as international companies. The Al Majaz Waterfront is located on the Khalid Lagoon in the heart of one of Sharjah's most vital and popular areas, which is the location for a number of the emirate's most high-profile events, such as the Sharjah Ramadan Festival, the Sharjah Water Festival, the Sharjah Lights Festival and the UIM Formula One Powerboat World Championship - Sharjah Grand Prix.
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