Transport & Logistics

Given the importance of trade and manufacturing to Sharjah’s economy, the transport & logistics sector is a fast-growing one. The benefits of Sharjah’s access to the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean will only grow in importance, and will contribute to the future success of this sector.

Marine & Air Freight

Three deep-water ports, two on the Arabian Gulf and one on the Indian Ocean, and an international airport with more than 20 cargo connections to Asia, Europe and Africa provide the logistics connectivity and baseline infrastructure that power the sector. The market size was estimated at AED 3.53 Bn in 2012.

With much of the infrastructure in place and expansion projects under way, the stage is set for companies to become major players within the sector. Furthermore, the logistics network is prime for traders to build their businesses on reduced costs and faster shipping times.

Freight Forwarding
Despite Sharjah-based companies contributing to more than 9% of the U.A.E.’s foreign trade, only 6% of freight forwarding services for SMEs are based in Sharjah.

F&B Reefer Shipping
There is an opportunity for new reefer forwarders to enter the market, as a large majority of the competition is located outside the Emirate.

infographics_air-freight1.28 Billion AED
Air Freight Demand

(2012 – 2016 Projection)

infographics_marine-freight0.70 Billion AED
Marine Freight Demand

(2012 – 2016 Projection)


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