Multiple demographic and socio-economic factors are contributing to the increased demand for general and specialised healthcare services. Despite a number of incidents requiring care (per 1,000 population) that is relatively higher than in the rest of the U.A.E., the supply side of the sector is lagging behind the demand.

Healthcare Services

A rising population combined with an aging demographic pattern has added pressures to existing healthcare services. Additionally, a steady rise in GDP per capita and the alarming rise amongst the population of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are factors fuelling greater demand for specialised healthcare services. In order to begin combatting these issues, Sharjah Healthcare City (SHCC) will be built – a Free Zone dedicated to healthcare and healthcare-related activities. SHCC will establish the infrastructure necessary to support a wide range of medical facilities.

Centres of Excellence
As there are currently no specialised medical centres in Sharjah, opportunities exist for highly specialised oncology hospitals, and for specialty clinics for diabetes treatment and paediatrics.

Long-Term Care Facilities
Evolving cultural norms and family dynamics are opening opportunities for long-term care facilities for the elderly, accident victims, patients affected by neurological disorders, and children born with birth defects.

Affiliations and Partnerships
There is potential for international firms and specialists to partner with local hospitals and service providers in the delivery of high-quality services, state-of-the-art technologies, and sharing of best practices in the ongoing effort to raise the quality of health services in Sharjah.

infographics_long-term care2.7 Billion AED
Healthcare Services Market Size

(2012 – 2018 Projection)

Market Size Growth Rate

(2012 – 2018 Projection)


Major Brands in Sharjah

University Hospital Sharjah, Al Zahra, The Healing Touch, Zulekha Hospital, Central Private Hospital, Royal Hospital


infographics_pharmaceuticals0.71 Billion AED
Pharmaceuticals Market Size

(2012 – 2016 Projection)

Market Size Growth Rate

(2012 – 2016 Projection)


Pharmaceutical sales are growing in parallel with the rise in healthcare expenditures and the maturation of the sector. A growing elderly population and the increasing number of lifestyle disease patients are driving demand for pharmaceuticals, while the federal government is calling for a reduction on the reliance of drug imports.

Strategic Partnerships for Research & Development Activities
Opportunities exist for foreign players to undertake strategic partnerships with regional institutions for research and development activities as a means to tap into the potential of the underdeveloped pharmaceuticals market.

Set-up of Manufacturing Units by Private Players
With federal government’s encouragement for local generic brand manufacturing, there are opportunities for private entities to set up local facilities to meet the growing domestic and regional drug demand.

Joint Ventures/Licensing Deals
Opportunities exist for local and international players to enter joint ventures and licensing deals with multinational pharmaceutical companies to boost domestic drug manufacturing.

Major Brands in Sharjah

Johnson + Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, BinSina Pharmacy, Abbott, Medpharma

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